Some of the energy bars can even be made at home, and this is why it is necessary to know how to get a nutritious meal in less time. Once you have made these energy bars at home yourself, you can really save quite a bit of money and rest easy knowing where they come from as in the ingredients which you have prepared yourself. These bars do provide you with the energy and strength which you need to tackle your heavy work load on a daily basis. Most of these bars can be stored in containers or jars which are air tight or wrapped in paper that is parchment. Keep them in the freezer, ready for when you need to have them.

Vegan Protein BarsHow to make chocolate vegan protein bars

Things needed

1.    One large bowl for mixing
2.    Spoon
3.    One small bowl
4.    One food processor
5.    Cookie sheet
6.    Parchment paper
7.    Any optional  device which is a dehydrator

Ingredients required

1.    Half a dozen dates
2.    Coconut oil in three tablespoonfuls
3.    A couple of tablespoonfuls of maple syrup
4.    Shredded coconut fruit in one half cup
5.    Protein powder that is raw in two scoops
6.    One cup of buckwheat that is dehydrated and raw
7.    Sea salt
8.    Raw cacao in two tablespoonfuls
9.    Water in three fourth cups

How to make

1.    The buckwheat is soaked overnight. It should be drained, rinsed and allowed to sit for maximum twenty four hours till it starts to sprout little tails.

2.    It should be dehydrated for six hours at one hundred and eight temperature.

3.    Now take the dates and soak them till they are tender.

4.    Put the dry components into the food processor and blend them thoroughly.

5.    The dates, maple syrup, coconut oil and pulse are all placed in water.

6.    Process and mix together completely and then place in a bowl. The next step is to use crunchy buckwheat to place it in and fold.

7.    Now mould into squares or balls.

8.    Line the cookie sheets with parchment paper and place them on it.

9.    Place in the refrigerator for half an hour and then store in air tight jars.


This is just one of the deliciously made at home Vegan Protein Bars at the minimum cost prices and it also tastes yummy. It is sufficient to say there are lots of energy bars just waiting for you. You can even find the grocery stores and innovate the recipes to create your own recipes. So you can start making your own Vegan Protein Bars and enjoy the various deliciously mouth-watering flavors with your friends.